Top 10 Ways to Eat Pomegranate Seeds!

Pomegranate Seeds

Recently I wrote a post on the 5 Reasons I Love Pomegranates and how to de-seed the wonderful superfood.  Now that you know why pomegranates are so super, I would like to share some ideas on how to incorporate the seeds into your meals and snacks!

To enjoy the fresh arils (pomegranate seeds) you can eat them as they are,  juice, or cook with them.

3 Ways to Juice Pomegranate Seeds

JUICER METHOD: Cut the fresh pomegranate in half and use a hand-press juicer to juice. Strain the juice through a cheesecloth-lined strainer or sieve. Note- pomegranate juice can stain.

BLENDER METHOD: Place 1 ½ to 2 cups seeds in a blender; blend until liquefied. Pour through a cheesecloth-lined strainer or sieve.

ROLLING METHOD: On a hard surface, press the palm of your hand against a pomegranate and gently roll to break all of the seeds inside (crackling stops when all seeds have broken open). Pierce the rind and squeeze out juice, or poke in a straw and press to release the juice. Note- Rolling can be done inside a plastic bag to contain any juice that may leak through the skin.

10 Ways to Eat a Pomegranate

1). Mix into oatmeal or cold cereal to increase antioxidants

2). Sprinkle into Greek yogurt with , ground flax seeds, and drizzle with local honey

3). Blend into your favorite smoothies.

4). Top salads for a burst of flavor.  Try topping spinach or arugula salad with toasted walnuts, pomegranate seeds, cheese and lemon vinaigrette.

5). Add color to rice bowls.  Try mixing wild rice, kale, walnuts, pomegranate sees, and feta together.

6). Mix with quinoa.  Try this delicious quinoa, fennel, pomegranate salad from BonAppetit.

7). Sprinkle into your side dishes.  For example, add into couscous with some chopped pistachios.

8). Combine chopped cilantro and pomegranate seeds and use the mixture as a tasty topping for grilled pork chops or roasted chicken breasts.

9). Make into a delicious marinade.  Try this recipe from pomegranate-braised short ribs from Martha Stewart.

10). Grab your spoon and enjoy your pomegranate seeds au naturel!  They are packed with amazing flavor!

What’s your favorite way to eat a pomegranate?


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