National Nutrition Month: “Go Further With Food”


Welcome to March, otherwise known as National Nutrition Month®! While proper nutrition and healthy habits are always important, this month they’re in the spotlight. This post will follow this year’s NNM the theme of “Go Further With Food” and will leave you with helpful tips on how to go further with your own food choices right at home!

Learn how to manage your food resources at home. Try and use the products you already have in your pantry before going to the market and buying more. This will help clear out your cupboards while also saving you money! Find something you wish you hadn’t bought? Find your local food bank and donate the items you don’t think you’ll ever use.

Prepare your foods to ‘go further’. Plan to make larger meals that freeze well- this will allow you to save time and money on food prep in the coming week. Planning snacks and what you’re going to make will help you save money and reduce food waste. This will also make it easier for you to have healthy meals ready when you’re in a pinch for time.

Try and make meal preparation a family event. This will allow the topic of FOOD to be discussed which can lead to a lot of amazing family times. Talk about how as a family you can prevent food waste with choosing foods you all enjoy. If it works with your schedules, plan to have more sit down, family meals. Try to make it an enjoyable, bonding experience by planning to try new foods together; or even relishing in your classic favorites can be a lot of fun!

Schedule an appointment with your local Registered Dietitian! Have more questions about how to make your food ‘go further’? Find your local Registered Dietitian and schedule an appointment! They are always open to any questions or concerns you may have about food and you. To learn more about working with Gina call (908) 827-1482 or send an email to!

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