Cross-Contamination vs. The Wooden Cutting Board

Valerie Bittner, model/actress/voice over artist, contacted me after reading my last blog post on the best way to wash produce. She wanted to ensure she was doing everything possible to protect herself from food-borne illness. So I did some research to answer her question of how to best sanitize different cutting boards.

Whether you use a plastic or wooden cutting board or have a butcher block, all cutting boards should be cleaned and sanitized frequently. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:
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The best ways to wash produce

fruit and veggie box

My last post about food safety at the farmer’s market raised the very good question of how to safely wash produce.  I will now answer the following questions:

  • Does tap water suffice?
  • Should vinegar be used?
  • Are produce washes all that they claim to be?

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Food Safety at the Farmer’s Market

farmer market art

Farmer’s markets offer a variety of fresh, locally-grown fruits, vegetables, bakery, and meat products in a festive atmosphere.
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