“Gina is amazing. I have been working with her for a while now and she has helped me create a healthier relationship with food. I have never been so healthy over all. My whole life I have struggled with eating disorders. I am now at peace with food and it no longer holds the power it once held over me. Gina has also helped me with my Celiac Disease. Living gluten free is not always easy, but she has done well to guide me. Gina is patient, kind, and insightful. I highly recommend her!” — Amanda

“My recovery journey from anorexia and bulimia has been a long and difficult journey. There have been so many avenues I have taken that just were not the right path for me – finding Gina has been a huge exception to that. Gina makes me feel heard, understood, validated and really considers what will be most conducive to my success. I feel like I have made more progress and feel more comfortable with her than I have with any other professional whom I have seen that treats eating disorders. I feel very grateful to have her guidance and support.” — Brigid

“I used to be scared of food; I associated the consumption of it with weight gain and getting fat. Gina helped me see how my body uses the nourishment I feed it for my benefit. With her help I learned not only how to eat a well-balanced diet, but also how to enjoy food again. For years anorexia controlled my food consumption – Gina helped me listen to my body cues and make peace with what I believed was the enemy: food. I would not be where I am in my recovery today without Gina’s support, counsel, and genuine character!” — Louise

“I am so thankful for Gina’s help. Prior to meeting her, I was feeling overwhelmed and hopeless in regards to PCOS and now I am feeling better than ever! I have lost significant weight, my menstrual cycle has returned, and with the help of Gina’s guidelines, I feel confident that I can accomplish my wellness and weight loss goals! I feel so fortunate that I found her!” — Lauren

“When making the first appointment with Gina I was skeptical as I felt all nutritionists would be the same. Meeting her was interesting.  Her approach was about me and focused on me. The connection was very insightful as I felt like I connected to someone I knew personally. It was like she was putting me together in front of her as a puzzle, one step at a time. During our meeting she taught me about how different foods could be the reasons behind my low energy and weight gain. My family was tuned in to learning a way to create healthier habits so that we all may succeed with Gina. I am in College and working on things one day at a time. If you have not tried Gina, please take the first step and I am sure you will have the same feelings we have about her. Its truly and experience.” — S.S.

About Gina
Gina Consalvo-Hassick, MA, RD, LDN, CDCES, NCC is a registered dietitian and is actively involved in various food and nutrition communities. She has counseled and assessed a wide range of patients and has experience in outpatient, inpatient, and consulting. Areas of specialization include weight management, eating disorders, and wellness nutrition.
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