Simple Tips for Hosting A Brunch + 2 Simple and Delicious Recipes

I love a good brunch! There are so many different options when it comes to a brunch menu and I find with a little bit of planning its a meal that won’t disappoint even the pickiest of eaters! Here are some simple tips for a hosting an amazing brunch. Continue reading →

Red, White and Blue Recipe RoundUp

Independence Day is this Tuesday and it’s time to celebrate! I hope this recipe roundup helps provide some inspiration. Whether you’re firing up the grill at home or bringing a dish to a friend’s, the following 15 festive red, white and blue recipes are sure to impress!

1. Patriotic Parfait

Patriotic Parfait with Muuna Cottage Cheese
Patriotic Parfait from Muuna Cottage Cheese

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Healthy Summer Cocktails: Kombucha-Rita & Pure Paloma

_DSC2344For Cinco de Mayo I wrote a post on healthier margaritas. A nice cold margarita is definitely refreshing on hot summer days so I wanted to share a few more drink recipes!

I try to be very mindful of the mixers that are used in my drinks. The simpler the drink the better!
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Super Bowl Food Touchdowns

Whether you are a football fanatic or a once-a-year football fan, there’s one tradition that nearly everyone looks forward to: the Super Bowl! Super Bowl parties often are fueled by food, booze and fun commercials. If you’re not a superfan, then you are probably most excited about the experience of sharing game-day food and drink with your friends.

Mindless snacking during game time leads to the excessive consumption of calories from Super Bowl party must-haves, like eight-layer dip, buffalo wings, pizza and beer. It is not uncommon for a fan to consume an entire day’s worth of calories during the game. And forget about the after party— calories galore! While professional football players may need the energy provided by higher-calorie foods, football fans watching the game can’t compare their sporadic jumping for joy (or frustration) to the non-stop intense workout that players get on the field. Continue reading →

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