Achieving Your New Year’s Resolution

Image courtesy of gubgib at
Image courtesy of gubgib at

Do you find yourself not writing a New Year’s Resolution because “they always fail”, do you write one knowing deep down that you likely won’t accomplish it, or are you recycling the same resolution year after year?

We enter the New Year with good intentions, but once we realize change takes sustained effort, we give up all to easily and fall back into old habits.

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Thanksgiving Feast Health Benefits


Most of the reason people tend to gain weight around the holidays has more to do with eating outrageous portion sizes, rather than the food itself.  Common Thanksgiving foods actually have significant nutritional value and health benefits!

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Healthy Holiday Cooking

Here are some simple ways to modify traditional holiday foods and recipes to reduce fat, sugar and sodium.  For more easy ingredient substitutions to make your favorite recipes healthier download Eat Well with Gina’s free handout on Tips to Cooking and Baking a Healthier Way!
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15 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Beard & Howell / Getty Images
Beard & Howell / Getty Images

The holiday season is a time to celebrate. Unfortunately, for many the holidays are also a time for overeating and weight gain. The festivities don’t have to leave you looking like Santa. By focusing on a healthy balance of food, activity, and fun, weight gain can be avoided. Here are some helpful tips. Continue reading →

Halloween Candy Showdown

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10 Tricks for Halloween Treats


Halloween doesn’t mean that you have to abandon good eating habits in order to enjoy. Halloween actually offers an excellent opportunity to teach your child about balanced, healthy eating habits. Teaching your child how to include a treat as part of their healthy eating plan, how much they can eat and when treats can be eaten all provide learning opportunities that help your child to establish healthy eating habits. Continue reading →

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